Pampered Home Cleaning - "Pamper yourself while we pamper your home!"
What We Do
We provide home and business cleaning. Most of our customers are serviced on a routine basis; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We also provide empty home clean-outs, for customers who have moved or real estate agencies.  Our detailed cleaning check list specializes us from other Housekeeping companies and maid services. Our cleaning staff work in one or two cleaner teams and routinely clean the same houses so they become familiar with each client's home. We found that our client's are more satisfied with their cleaning because our staff are professional and dedicated to their work. Every member of our team is trained in cleaning techniques for efficient and spotless results. So you can relax and take pride in your clean home.
Choose your Cleaners and Leave the housekeeping to us!
Our Detailed Cleaning Checklist:
  • Toilets: Scrub lid, seat, base, interior, back and handle.
  • Floors: Vacuumed and mopped, extra attention around the toilet  
  • Shower: Scrub walls, floor, ceiling, fixtures (knob, soap dish, shower head), door (both sides) door handle (both sides)
  • BathtubScrub walls, entire tub, fixtures, (Shower head, knobs, faucet, soap dish)
  • Sinks: In, under, and around, including knobs and faucets. Soup dish (in, under and around) Toothbrush holder (in, under and around)  
  •  Mirrors: Windexed all the way to top
  • Light fixtures: Exterior dusted
  • Other: Door knob, light switch plates, window ledges, baseboard heaters & vents
  • Floors: Vacuumed and mopped
  • Counters and Back splashes: Washed
  • Sink: Scrubbed and disinfected (including faucet and drain)
  • Stove top and Drip pans: Scrubbed
  • Outside of appliances: Wiped down
  • Microwave: Inside and out  
  • Top of refrigerator: Dusted
  • All cabinet fronts: Wiped
  • Other: empty trashcan, dust ceiling fan, dust windowsills, dust baseboards, wipe light switches, pictures and knick knacks hand wiped (within reason)
  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures: Dusted
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Blinds and windowsills:Dusted
  • Molding and woodwork: Dusted/Washed
  • Baseboards: Dusted/Washed
  • Lamps and lampshades: Dusted
  • Pictures and knick knacks: Dusted
  • Furniture: Dusted and polished
  • Mirrors: Windexed
  • Stairs: Vacuumed and wood dusted
  • Floors: Vacuumed and/or mopped 
It is presumed that the home will be in order or picked up to facilitate heavy cleaning. 
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